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Top Quality Oceania Proxies

Use mobile, residential, ISP, and datacenter proxies from any of 8 countries in Oceania. There are 39 million people and 10 million unique IPs.
Choose your proxy by country, city and mobile carrier. Consider countries with more population and ASNs, that will give you more IP addresses and higher level of privacy and anonymity.
Use sticky IP sessions or rotating proxies changing IP from 2 minutes to 12 hours or manually by API.
Work with any software and any website
We guarantee work with any software that support HTTP/SOCKS5 proxies. In case of any issues our support will always help you to set it up.

Compare Residential and Datacenter Proxies in Oceania

Effortlessly gather publicly accessible data using highly dependable mobile proxies from Oceania.
Unlimited bandwidth and sticky sessions
Fast IP changes via API or automatically
55M+ unique residential mobile IPs
Best for scraping, multi-accounting management, ads verification & management, market intelligence.
Data center proxies from Oceania provide significant benefits in terms of speed, reliability, and scalability, making them ideal for extensive automation tasks.
<150ms response time
Speed up to 100 Mbps
99.99% uptime
Best for browsing, scraping, market intelligence, cyber security, brand protection.
Static residential proxies from Oceania allow you to collect public data from any website with the highest success rate.
Unlimited traffic
Static or dynamic ISP IPs
No monthly commitment
Best for multi-accounting management, market intelligence, review monitoring, ads verification, ecommerce.
With dynamic residential proxies from Oceania, you get infinite amount of top quality IPs that will satisfy any business needs.
98% success rate
No limits on concurrent connections
Rotating or sticky sessions
Best for social media accounts, ecommerce, scraping, sneakers, tickets monitoring.
This feature is coming soon, be among our very first customers

All countries in Oceania

24.1m population
2,500 ASNs, 15.2m IPs
867.0k population
16 ASNs, 143.1k IPs
271.8k population
5 ASNs, 67.8k IPs
268.8k population
16 ASNs, 155.9k IPs
4.7m population
652 ASNs, 4.8m IPs
8.1m population
30 ASNs, 52.0k IPs
642.0k population
9 ASNs, 13.3k IPs
277.5k population
13 ASNs, 14.6k IPs

55% faster than the datacenter and residential proxy market average

15,200 happy customers from all over the world

99.9% uptime allows you to focus on your business goals

Biggest ASNs in Oceania

Vodafone NZ Ltd.
877,312 IPs
AAPT Limited
828,672 IPs
SingTel Optus Pty Ltd
610,560 IPs
Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial
532,992 IPs
Foxtel Management Pty Ltd
532,736 IPs
iseek Communications Pty Ltd
502,016 IPs
Telstra Corporation
458,752 IPs
Vocus Group NZ
455,680 IPs
Macquarie Telecom
393,216 IPs
Vodafone NZ Ltd
311,296 IPs
Vocus Connect International Backbone
307,456 IPs
263,168 IPs
University of Queensland
241,152 IPs
Monash University,
236,288 IPs
QLD Government Business (IT)
225,536 IPs
The University of Tasmania
197,120 IPs
University of New South Wales
196,864 IPs
Vodafone Next Generation Services Limited
196,608 IPs
Snap Internet Limited
194,304 IPs
iiNet Limited
191,488 IPs
SOUL Converged Communications Australia
179,712 IPs
FX Networks Limited
176,384 IPs
Exetel Pty Ltd
174,848 IPs
Westnet Internet Services
164,096 IPs
Aussie Broadband
150,272 IPs
National Australia Bank Limited
139,776 IPs
Verizon Australia PTY Limited
139,008 IPs
Networking Tasmania
136,704 IPs
La Trobe University
131,328 IPs
Massey University
131,072 IPs
Two Degrees Mobile Limited
131,072 IPs
Deakin University
131,072 IPs
Is it the best proxy provider?
Litport provide private solutions since 2008, and offer public services since 2019. We are here to change the game.

Servers distribution

Our servers are located in different countries to provide you minimum ping to your proxy and get you maximum 4G/LTE speed.

Proxy pool growth

We constantly work on expanding our proxy pool to give you the best possible geo coverage with fast speed and low latency.

Private devices

All of our proxies are completely private and are not public proxies in any form.

Top tier hardware

Our infrastructure is based on enterprise-level hardware to provide maximum security, sustainability and uptime.

Fast IP rotation

On most of our plans and proxies your IP will rotate instantly. In some cases it may take up to 20-30 seconds.

Automated setup

For most of our proxies setup process work automatically, you get your proxy within minutes after the payment.

Read testimonials from our customers

Been using these proxies for managing multiple social media accounts. makes everything a lot easier. sometimes the dashboard could be more user-friendly though.
These proxies are perfect for running my sneaker bots. Got several limited releases, and the stability is just what you need for high-demand drops.
Been using these mobile proxies for my sneaker copping. Speed is good, but sometimes the dashboard is buggy, kinda annoying when you're in a rush. The best part is these proxies come from US cities, giving me an edge in major drops.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, proxies are crucial for testing mobile applications across different network environments, ensuring apps perform well globally.
High latency can lead to slower load times and a less responsive browsing or scraping experience, reducing the overall efficiency of proxy servers.
Yes, by routing traffic through multiple proxies, businesses can ensure connection redundancy, minimizing downtime and improving reliability.
Ensure that the proxy provides SSL encryption, choose a reputable provider, and consider dedicated proxies for enhanced security.
A subnet refers to a subdivision of an IP network. Proxies from different subnets can reduce the risk of being blocked or flagged as they appear less related to each other.
Yes, using a proxy server with an IP from the desired country can help you access and stream geo-restricted content from that location.