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Collect Market Insights With eCommerce Scraping API

Get structured market, product, and pricing data from any ecom websites with our advanced technology. No more headache with managing proxies, solving CAPTCHAs, and fixing broken scrapers.
Scrape any ecom: from popular giants to small local players
Pay only for successful requests
Get geo-based ecommerce data with no proxies
Your results in HTML, JSON, or CSV format
Simple API with easy integration
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eCommerce Scraping API
42% better

than the datacenter and residential proxy market average

62 TB

of data processed within past 24 hours


happy customers from all over the world

How litport is different?
Litport provide private solutions since 2008, and offer public services since 2019. We are here to change the game.

Proxy pool growth

We constantly work on expanding our proxy pool to give you the best possible geo coverage with fast speed and low latency.

Automated setup

For most of our proxies setup process work automatically, you get your proxy within minutes after the payment.

Authentication by user/pass or by IP

Easily authenticate using username and password, or whitelist your IP as an alternative.

Our own infrastructure

We own our devices and have a dedicated team to manage it 24/7/365. This way we can guarantee the best quality on the market.

IP rotation

Change IP address every X minutes for maximum anonymity and geographic coverage.

Shared or private

Our plans will satisfy any needs. Private devices, shared devices and shared pools. Save money and get the best performance.

Read testimonials from our customers

This API has made it so much easier to monitor competitor pricing. Works smoothly most of the time, but had a few hiccups with the initial setup.
I use this API from for scraping product data. Really solid performance, pulls data fast. Only downside is the dashboard could be more user-friendly.
This API is decent for pulling data for market research, pretty stable and fast. Only gripe is that the documentation could be clearer for newbies.
Work with any software and any website
We guarantee work with any software that support HTTP/SOCKS5 proxies. In case of any issues our support will always help you to set it up.

Frequently asked questions

E-commerce scraping is the technique used to extract product information like prices, descriptions, and availability from online retail websites.
You can suspect a website uses JavaScript if the data visible on the browser is not present in the page source code. This indicates that the content is rendered dynamically using JavaScript.
For websites that frequently change their layout, our Flexible Scraper is ideal. It uses machine learning to adapt to new structures, ensuring accurate data extraction even when page designs evolve.
Yes, our E-Commerce Scraper API includes a Scheduler feature that allows you to automate and schedule regular data scraping tasks effortlessly.
Our API can scrape data from a wide variety of e-commerce platforms, including major marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and Wayfair, among others.
The API can pull various pieces of product information such as names, pricing, descriptions, and other relevant details from e-commerce sites.
The API is particularly useful for price monitoring, market research, and comprehensive product data aggregation across various e-commerce platforms.
Our e-commerce API is designed to deliver results in real-time, typically within a few seconds, enabling efficient data collection.
Yes, our API comes with usage limits based on your subscription plan. You can choose a plan that fits your request volume, with options to purchase additional requests if needed.
The number of concurrent requests you can make depends on your subscription plan. We offer scalable solutions to accommodate up to 1 billion requests per month.
To use the e-commerce API, simply send a request through our REST API interface. The API handles complexities like proxy management and CAPTCHA solving, and returns data in structured JSON or raw HTML format.

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This feature is coming soon, be among our very first customers
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