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Residential Proxies with the Highest Success Rate

Bypass online barriers with industry-leading speeds using our top-tier residential proxies. Our proxies are ethically sourced and work with the most challenging websites.
43M+ unique IPs in 150+ countries
98% success rate
Rotating or sticky sessions
No limits on concurrent connections
No monthly commitment
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Residential Proxies

Most popular residential proxies locations

3 carriers
13 cities
323.9m population
2,500 ASNs, 237.7m IPs
2 carriers
1 city
65.1m population
2,500 ASNs, 26.5m IPs
1 carrier
1 city
66.7m population
1,957 ASNs, 12.7m IPs
3 carriers
1 city
60.7m population
1,232 ASNs, 10.5m IPs
Why litport?

Litport provide private solutions since 2008, and offer public services since 2019. We are here to change the game.

100% ethical and legal
No virus-infected computers, hacked phones and IoT. Our services are based on official contracts with mobile carriers around the world.
Solid foundation
Proxy servers are the foundation to many business processes. We provide the top quality, so you can build safely and fast to succeed in your goals.
Backconnect Proxies
Our residential backconnect proxies manage IP rotation, you don't need to change any settings. Get new IP address every X minutes, or change it manually via API.
Satisfaction guarantee
Order any package, give it a test. If it doesn't work for you, we will make 100% refund.
See our ToS for details.
Real support
We don't use robots to reply on your messages. Your question will be solved by top quality engineers of our support team. We also offer support via Skype, Telegram and email.
Custom software
Our website and infrastructure are managed by completely custom software made from the scratch. Designed and engineered by top notch professionals around the world specifically for litport and you.
118,400 unique IPs

were used by our clients within past 24 hours

42% better

than the datacenter and residential proxy market average

99.9% uptime

allows you to focus on your business goals

Read testimonials from our customers

I've been using the proxies from this provider for gathering market data and they've been pretty reliable. sometimes the speed varies though, which can be annoying.
using these proxies for my social media consultancy has made a huge difference. i can manage multiple accounts without any hassle. the setup was a bit tricky at first though.
The residential proxies from have been a lifesaver for scraping e-commerce sites without getting blocked. they're fast and reliable.
Work with any software and any website
We guarantee work with any software that support HTTP/SOCKS5 proxies. In case of any issues our support will always help you to set it up.

Frequently asked questions

Residential proxies are favored for web scraping because they mimic genuine user behavior, effectively circumventing challenges like IP blocks, CAPTCHAs, and regional restrictions.
Residential proxies serve as intermediaries between users and the internet by assigning residential IP addresses, enhancing anonymity, and enabling the collection of public web data from specified global locations.
While high-quality proxies offer significant anonymity, there is still a risk that sophisticated websites might detect suspicious activities, trace the real IP address, and impose blocks.
A residential proxy network utilizes real IP addresses provided by ISPs, linked to physical locations, making them ideal for legitimate and efficient public data collection.
The legality of using residential proxies depends on the application; it's crucial to ensure that the use of proxies for scraping or other activities complies with relevant laws.
Although free residential proxies are available, they may compromise privacy and are less reliable than paid services, which offer better security and efficiency.
Yes, residential proxies are highly effective due to their association with real-world locations, reducing the likelihood of IP bans and facilitating access to geo-specific content.
The count of residential IPs is calculated by multiplying the size of the proxy pool by the number of unique exit nodes per day and the number of days in a quarter.
Pricing for residential proxies starts at a basic monthly rate with included traffic, and flexible 'pay as you go' plans are also available for those seeking adaptable pricing options.
Static residential proxies, or ISP proxies, provide a long-term IP address with no bandwidth limits, sourced from ISPs, while rotating proxies change IPs at regular intervals to avoid detection.
A sticky residential proxy allows you to maintain the same IP address for a set period, enhancing security during continuous online activities by enabling stable, prolonged sessions.
While residential IPs provide high-speed connections, the total data transfer is governed by the monthly subscription plan, with options to upgrade or increase the allowance as needed.
Yes, all residential proxies on support the SOCKS5 protocol, offering versatile connectivity options for different network requirements.
To use residential proxies on an iPhone, go to 'Settings', select 'Wi-Fi', choose your network, tap 'i', find 'HTTP Proxy', select 'Manual', and input your proxy server and port details.
You can maintain the same residential proxy IP for up to 30 minutes by selecting a sticky session, which can be adjusted to shorter or longer durations based on your needs.
It's recommended to avoid free US residential proxies due to security risks and to opt for reputable services that provide stable and secure US proxies.
The number of required residential proxies varies based on the scale of your operations, concurrent connection needs, and target sites. Consulting with a proxy provider can help determine the appropriate quantity.
Residential proxies are typically safe, using IPs from household devices, ensuring high trust and a reputable online presence, suitable for secure internet operations.
While residential proxies are generally undetectable, improper use or excessive requests can still lead to IP bans or restrictions by target websites.
To test residential proxies, use tools that assess proxy type, speed, and status across multiple sites, allowing for optimization and selection of effective IPs.

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