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Rotating and Static Residential ISP Proxies with Unlimited Traffic

Try our residential ISP proxies with unlimited bandwidth and high speed. Ideal solution for scraping and account management without any limits.
80K+ ethically-sourced unique IPs in various US locations
Static or dynamic ISP IPs
Dedicated and shared packages
Unlimited traffic
No monthly commitment
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Starting from $0.39 with daily, weekly, and monthly packages
Rotating and Static Residential ISP Proxies

Most popular static residential ISP proxies locations

3 carriers
13 cities
323.9m population
2,500 ASNs, 237.7m IPs
2 carriers
1 city
65.1m population
2,500 ASNs, 26.5m IPs
1 carrier
1 city
66.7m population
1,957 ASNs, 12.7m IPs
3 carriers
1 city
60.7m population
1,232 ASNs, 10.5m IPs
How litport is different?
Litport provide private solutions since 2008, and offer public services since 2019. We are here to change the game.

Unmetered Bandwidth

There are no limitations on data transfer. Focus on your business, don't worry about traffic.

Multiple ISPs

Most of our locations offer you multiple carriers to get maximum amount of unique mobile IPs in the area.

No contracts, no commitments

All our plans are short-term and can be cancelled at any time.

No blocks, no CAPTCHAs

Run your accounts and requests smoothly and forget about blocks, EV/PVs and CAPTCHAs.

Automated setup

For most of our proxies setup process work automatically, you get your proxy within minutes after the payment.

Only legal devices

Our network consists of only legal endpoints which is 100% under our control. We don't use any botnets, malware, or infected IoT devices.
Work with any software and any website
We guarantee work with any software that support HTTP/SOCKS5 proxies. In case of any issues our support will always help you to set it up.

Read testimonials from our customers

Been using these proxies for managing multiple social media accounts. makes everything a lot easier. sometimes the dashboard could be more user-friendly though.
i use these proxies from to scrape e-commerce sites and they’re super stealthy. never had a block. just wish the response time from support was a bit quicker.
using these proxies for my sneaker bots and they work like a charm. Got several limited editions thanks to these IPs.
55% faster

than the datacenter and residential proxy market average

99.9% uptime

allows you to focus on your business goals


happy customers from all over the world

Frequently asked questions

ISP proxies blend the features of datacenter and residential proxies. They use real IP addresses provided by ISPs and are hosted in datacenters, delivering both speed and reduced detectability.
ISP proxies offer high speed and are harder to detect compared to standard datacenter proxies, making them ideal for tasks that require both rapid response and a low profile online presence.
ISP proxies route your internet requests through IP addresses registered by consumer ISPs but hosted on datacenter infrastructure, providing a balance of reliability and authenticity.
Unlike datacenter proxies, which use generic IP addresses, ISP proxies employ residential IPs from ISPs, reducing the likelihood of being blocked by websites targeting scraping activities.
A static residential IP proxy provides a fixed IP address assigned by an ISP, allowing continuous connectivity and consistent online identity over extended periods.
ISP proxies derive their IPs from ISPs but are hosted in stable datacenter environments, offering better speed and reliability than typical residential proxies, which may have variable internet quality.
ISP proxies support both username and password authentication as well as IP whitelisting, ensuring secure and flexible access.
We offer round-the-clock technical support through our live chat service, ensuring assistance is always just a message away.
By utilizing ISP proxies, your web scraping activities are less likely to be detected and blocked, thanks to the authentic residential IPs which mimic regular user behavior.
Although ISP proxies may be more expensive than traditional proxies, their effectiveness in avoiding detection and providing fast speeds can offer better value for intensive internet usage and data scraping.
Yes, ISP proxies are compatible with major web scraping tools, facilitating easy integration and efficient operation across various data extraction applications.

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