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In this section we publish different articles about mobile residential proxies.
How to use mobile proxies, why would you need that, use cases and many other topics.
Information here is not just about, it's also around general knowledge about proxy servers.

How to configure proxy settings in Chrome and Chromium?

published 2020-05-26

Note: For this tutorial, we used Opera version 67.0.3575.137 for Windows 10, though it will be pretty much the same for the other versions as well.

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How to setup proxy server usage for iPhone and iPad

published 2020-04-15

Many of our customers use our proxy service with their mobile device on daily basis, so here is a detailed tutorial how to make any HTTP proxy work on your iOS device. You don't need to install any extra software, certificates, VPN and etc. You just need to have some Wi-Fi connection and perform several simple steps. In the end all traffic from your device will be routed through the proxy.

Note: For this tutorial, we used iPhone 11 that runs 13.4.1. If you have different iPhone or iPad, don't worry, your path will be pretty much the same because it's all iOS operating system.

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How to use mobile proxies in Shared Pool?

published 2020-04-10

Choosing our Shared Pool plan you get 3 different devices (ports), that are located in 3 different cities and have 3 different carriers. Each device changes its IPs automatically, depending on the rotation time set on the device. You can switch between the devices any time you need a different IP by clicking a Select button on your dashboard or via API.

It might sound a bit confusing, so let us clarify it with some specific example.

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