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In this section we publish different articles about mobile residential proxies.
How to use mobile proxies, why would you need that, use cases and many other topics.
Information here is not just about, it's also around general knowledge about proxy servers.

What is a rotating proxy and how does it work?

published 2021-07-02
by Amanda Williams

Rotating IP proxy cyclically changes IP addresses from the proxy pool to make it harder for web servers to recognize them. This ensures that IP addresses are used evenly, which makes them less likely to be blocked on the target site's server.

If you don’t want your IP addresses to be suspicious, you should change it periodically. This step will allow you to access the target site from a different address, or even from a different location, depending on the capabilities of your proxy server with IP address rotation.

From the article, you will learn what proxy rotation is, why it is needed and what advantages this method has.

Main reasons you need residential proxies and how to use it

published 2021-05-12
by Paul Wang

Residential proxies are the best convenient tool for marketers, buyers, and ordinary users who want to anonymously use the Internet. With their help, you can not be tracked and blocked on certain sites, and it will be almost impossible to calculate your traces on the network. How this service works, what needs it covers, and how to get it, you will find out in this article.

Common web scraping mistakes beginners make ⤵️

published 2021-04-28
by Amanda Williams

A proxy is an indispensable tool for anyone planning to conduct a targeting, do web scraping, or simply find the information they need on online sites. However, the majority of users make annoying mistakes that prevent them from getting the maximum profit.

In this article, you will receive a list of common mistakes when using a proxy for scraping, as well as working tips to avoid any problems.

How to use a proxy server on your Android device

published 2021-03-26
by Paul Wang

Note: For this tutorial, we've used Android version 6.0.1. For all other version it's gonna be approximately the same.

The proxy you configure will be used by Chrome and other web browsers, but may not be used by other apps. Each app developer can choose whether it uses Android’s proxy or not.

How to setup proxy server usage for iPhone and iPad

published 2020-04-15
by Amanda Williams

Many of our customers use our proxy service with their mobile device on daily basis, so here is a detailed tutorial how to make any HTTP proxy work on your iOS device. You don't need to install any extra software, certificates, VPN and etc. You just need to have some Wi-Fi connection and perform several simple steps. In the end all traffic from your device will be routed through the proxy.

Note: For this tutorial, we used iPhone 11 that runs 13.4.1. If you have different iPhone or iPad, don't worry, your path will be pretty much the same because it's all iOS operating system.

How to use mobile proxies in Shared Pool?

published 2020-04-10
by James Sanders

Choosing our Shared Pool plan you get 3 different devices (ports), that are located in 3 different cities and have 3 different carriers. Each device changes its IPs automatically, depending on the rotation time set on the device. You can switch between the devices any time you need a different IP by clicking a Select button on your dashboard or via API.

It might sound a bit confusing, so let us clarify it with some specific example.

How litport is different?

Litport provide private solutions since 2008, and offer public services since 2019. We are here to change the game.

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