How to set a proxy on Mozilla Firefox browser

published 2021-08-18
by James Sanders

Note: For this tutorial, we used Mozilla Firefox Version 75.0 (64-bit) for Windows 10
To start setting up a proxy on Mozilla Firefox, open the browser and head to the menu in its upper-right corner.

Mozilla Firefox browser
Select Options from the menu that appears on the screen.

Mozilla Firefox browser menu

Head to the General item on the Options screen.

Options of Mozilla Firefox browser

Scroll down to the bottom of the page. Find Network Settings and press Settings.

Options of Mozilla Firefox browser

You will see proxy settings of Mozilla Firefox browser on the next screen. Proxy is usually off by default (No proxy item is selected), so you will need to turn it on by selecting Manual proxy configuration option.

Proxy settings of Mozilla Firefox browser

To finish the setting up of the proxy on your computer, get the credentials of the proxy from your dashboard. Here you will see 12 digits in a Host line - that is the HTTP proxy. You will also find another 4 digits after the colon - that’s the Port. dashboard with all the credentials required for setting up a proxy

Now get back to Connection settings screen. Type or paste 12 digits of the Host from your dashboard to the HTTP proxy box, and 4 last digits of the Host - to the Port box. If you would like to use the same settings for HTTP and FTP connections, tick the checkbox under the HTTP proxy line.

Proxy settings of Mozilla Firefox browser

After adding all the credentials, make sure you click the Ok button at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, all your settings will be lost.

Proxy settings of Mozilla Firefox browser

There is only one step left to finish configuring proxy for Mozilla. For that you will need to go to any website you would like to use the proxy for. You will see an authentication request.

Authentication request

Now you will need Login and Password from your dashboard. Copy and paste or type Login into the User Name box and Password - into the Password box.

Authentication request

Press Ok to authorize and finish setting up your proxy for Mozzila.

Authentication request

To make switching between multiple proxies easier, you can use Proxy SwitchyOmega. It’s a Firefox browser add-on that helps you to skip changing the settings of your proxy each time.

Now you are all set up. To check if the proxy is working fine and your actual IP address is not detected, read our article “How to make sure your proxy works”. Now you can use proxies on your computer Still not sure which our proxy to choose? Feel free to contact our support team.

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