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Affordable and Fast Proxy Servers in Egypt

There are 91.3 million people live in Egypt. They use 83 ASNs with around 666 thousand unique IPs.
Get your proxy from litport and you will be able to get many of these residential, mobile (3G/4G/LTE/5G), and datacenter IPs. It works best for social accounts and any other business that require the highest level of privacy and security.
You can choose among multiple cities and mobile carriers. Competitive and flexible pricing.
At this moment we don't have available proxy servers in 🇪🇬Egypt. BUT! We might have it available, but for private usage. Please, contact us and find it out.
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84 TB

of data processed within past 24 hours

812,096 unique IPs

were used by our clients within past 24 hours

99.9% uptime

allows you to focus on your business goals

Biggest cities in Egypt

Cairo Governorate
11,893,000 population
Alexandria Governorate
4,165,000 population
Giza Governorate
2,681,863 population
Ismailia Governorate
656,135 population
Port Said
Port Said Governorate
623,864 population
Luxor Governorate
609,248 population
Al Manşūrah
Dakahlia Governorate
600,000 population
Suez Governorate
508,335 population
Al Minyā
Minya Governorate
500,000 population
Beheira Governorate
500,000 population
Banī Suwayf
Beni Suef Governorate
489,450 population
Asyut Governorate
420,585 population
Al Fayyūm
Faiyum Governorate
316,772 population
Kawm Umbū
Aswan Governorate
303,962 population
Qena Governorate
302,027 population
Damietta Governorate
299,459 population
Minya Governorate
217,365 population
Beheira Governorate
199,509 population
Shibīn al Kawm
Monufia Governorate
182,900 population
Qalyubia Governorate
167,029 population
Minya Governorate
152,097 population
Kafr ash Shaykh
Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate
143,970 population
Sohag Governorate
128,250 population
Qena Governorate
100,000 population
Banī Mazār
Minya Governorate
79,553 population
Al Khārijah
New Valley Governorate
49,991 population
Al ‘Alamayn
Matrouh Governorate
7,400 population
Qaşr al Farāfirah
New Valley Governorate
5,000 population
Ain Sukhna
Suez Governorate
Sharm el-Sheikh
South Sinai Governorate
Saint Catherine
South Sinai Governorate
South Sinai Governorate
Work with any software and any website
We guarantee work with any software that support HTTP/SOCKS5 proxies. In case of any issues our support will always help you to set it up.

Compare Residential and Datacenter Proxies in Egypt

Effortlessly gather publicly accessible data using highly dependable mobile proxies from Egypt.
Unlimited bandwidth and sticky sessions
Fast IP changes via API or automatically
55M+ unique residential mobile IPs
Best for scraping, multi-accounting management, ads verification & management, market intelligence.
Data center proxies from Egypt provide significant benefits in terms of speed, reliability, and scalability, making them ideal for extensive automation tasks.
<150ms response time
Speed up to 100 Mbps
99.99% uptime
Best for browsing, scraping, market intelligence, cyber security, brand protection.
Static residential proxies from Egypt allow you to collect public data from any website with the highest success rate.
Unlimited traffic
Static or dynamic ISP IPs
No monthly commitment
Best for multi-accounting management, market intelligence, review monitoring, ads verification, ecommerce.
With dynamic residential proxies from Egypt, you get infinite amount of top quality IPs that will satisfy any business needs.
98% success rate
No limits on concurrent connections
Rotating or sticky sessions
Best for social media accounts, ecommerce, scraping, sneakers, tickets monitoring.
This feature is coming soon, be among our very first customers

Biggest ASNs in Egypt

Nile Online
297,216 IPs
The Noor Group
196,608 IPs
24,064 IPs
Egyptian Universities Network (EUN)
20,736 IPs
13,568 IPs
City Stars
8,448 IPs
Bibliotheca Alexandrina
8,192 IPs
The Way Out Company
7,680 IPs
7,605 IPs
Egypt Centers
6,656 IPs
NetworksValley (Yalla Online)
6,656 IPs
6,305 IPs
6,144 IPs
City Net Telecom
4,608 IPs
The Egyptian Company for Mobile Services (Mobinil)
4,506 IPs
The American University in Cairo (AUC)
4,352 IPs
Ministry of Communications and Information Technology
4,352 IPs
MISR Information Services and Trading
4,096 IPs
Egypt Cyber Center aka ECC Solutions
2,816 IPs
Vodafone Data
2,126 IPs
Attijariwafa Bank Egypt S.A.E
2,048 IPs
Mantrac Group
2,048 IPs
Raya Holding
2,048 IPs
Vodafone Data
1,910 IPs
Link Egypt (Link.NET)
1,609 IPs
Dar Al-Handasah
1,280 IPs
The Egyptian Operating Company for Natural Gas Liquefaction Projects SAE
1,024 IPs
ALKAN Telecom
1,024 IPs
Vodafone Data
1,024 IPs
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
1,024 IPs
E.G.I.T. for Technology Services
1,024 IPs
EFG Hermes Holding
1,024 IPs
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Read testimonials from our customers

I've been using these mobile proxies from for managing multiple social media accounts, pretty solid so far. Great for avoiding blocks with IPs from real carriers in top locations. However, they could be a bit faster.
These proxies have been awesome for my data collection needs. Super quick and haven't had any issues with blocks or downtime.
Our proxies have been incredibly effective for our data scraping needs. They offer great speed and stability, essential for our operations.

Frequently asked questions

While proxies can sometimes slow down internet speed due to additional routing, choosing a quality proxy provider can mitigate these effects and provide adequate speeds for most tasks.
Mobile proxies can be used to test mobile applications, ensuring that they function correctly across different network conditions and regions.
Yes, proxies can change your IP address to one from a different geographical location, allowing you to bypass regional restrictions and access content globally.
A proxy server is a middleman between your computer and the internet, helping to increase privacy and access blocked content.
Rotate proxies to avoid bans, use reliable proxy management software, and monitor their performance regularly to ensure optimal operation.
A subnet refers to a subdivision of an IP network. Proxies from different subnets can reduce the risk of being blocked or flagged as they appear less related to each other.
IP rotation involves changing the IP address used by a proxy server at regular intervals to avoid detection and blocking when scraping websites.
Ensure that the proxy provides SSL encryption, choose a reputable provider, and consider dedicated proxies for enhanced security.
Regularly rotate your proxies, use high-quality and reputable proxy services, and avoid sending too many requests to the same server to reduce the risk of being blacklisted.