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Affordable and Fast Proxy Servers in Hong Kong S.A.R.

There are 7.3 million people live in Hong Kong S.A.R.. They use 1,015 ASNs with around 11 million unique IPs.
Get your proxy from litport and you will be able to get many of these residential, mobile (3G/4G/LTE/5G), and datacenter IPs. It works best for data scraping and any other business that require the highest level of privacy and security.
You can choose among multiple cities and mobile carriers. Real engineers in support team.
At this moment we don't have available proxy servers in 🇭🇰Hong Kong S.A.R.. BUT! We might have it available, but for private usage. Please, contact us and find it out.
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42% better

than the datacenter and residential proxy market average


happy customers from all over the world

148 TB

of data processed within past 24 hours

Work with any software and any website
We guarantee work with any software that support HTTP/SOCKS5 proxies. In case of any issues our support will always help you to set it up.

Compare Residential and Datacenter Proxies in Hong Kong S.A.R.

Effortlessly gather publicly accessible data using highly dependable mobile proxies from Hong Kong S.A.R..
Unlimited bandwidth and sticky sessions
Fast IP changes via API or automatically
55M+ unique residential mobile IPs
Best for scraping, multi-accounting management, ads verification & management, market intelligence.
Data center proxies from Hong Kong S.A.R. provide significant benefits in terms of speed, reliability, and scalability, making them ideal for extensive automation tasks.
<150ms response time
Speed up to 100 Mbps
99.99% uptime
Best for browsing, scraping, market intelligence, cyber security, brand protection.
Static residential proxies from Hong Kong S.A.R. allow you to collect public data from any website with the highest success rate.
Unlimited traffic
Static or dynamic ISP IPs
No monthly commitment
Best for multi-accounting management, market intelligence, review monitoring, ads verification, ecommerce.
With dynamic residential proxies from Hong Kong S.A.R., you get infinite amount of top quality IPs that will satisfy any business needs.
98% success rate
No limits on concurrent connections
Rotating or sticky sessions
Best for social media accounts, ecommerce, scraping, sneakers, tickets monitoring.
This feature is coming soon, be among our very first customers

Biggest ASNs in Hong Kong S.A.R.

HKT Limited
787,968 IPs
HK Cable TV Ltd
589,824 IPs
Telstra Global
528,128 IPs
SmarTone Mobile Communications Ltd
463,872 IPs
Itace International Limited
426,240 IPs
412,160 IPs
Clayer Limited
410,368 IPs
391,680 IPs
HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Limited
388,096 IPs
CITIC Telecom International CPC Limited
275,712 IPs
Level 30, Tower 1
262,912 IPs
AS number for New World Telephone Ltd.
237,568 IPs
Anchnet Asia Limited
231,168 IPs
NTT Com Asia Limited
209,664 IPs
Cloudie Limited
201,472 IPs
HGC Global Communications Limited
197,120 IPs
127,232 IPs
121,856 IPs
HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Limited
120,576 IPs
119,296 IPs
HK Broadband Network Ltd.
116,480 IPs
96,768 IPs
HONG KONG Megalayer Technology Co.,Limited
92,416 IPs
Powerbase DataCenter Services (HK) Ltd.
89,344 IPs
UCloud (HK) Holdings Group Limited
88,832 IPs
iAdvantage Limited
86,016 IPs
Colleagues Technology CO. ,LIMITED
84,480 IPs
The University of Hong Kong
83,712 IPs
City University of Hong Kong
82,944 IPs
Information Technology Services
81,920 IPs
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
79,616 IPs
The Chinese University of Hong Kong
73,984 IPs
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How to get your residential proxy with us?

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    Select country

    Proxy solutions in dozens of countries. Millions of unique IPs for your business. Check out our locations.

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    Choose proxy package

    Shared pools, shared devices, private devices. These are all great options. Find more on pricing page.

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    Make a payment

    Most proxies will be ready within minutes automatically. Others will be delivered within 24 hours.

Read testimonials from our customers

these guys offer good proxies, especially for managing social media profiles. they could be a bit more stable, but for the price, I'm not complaining much.
These mobile proxies are alright for data scraping, stable and mostly reliable. They use real american mobile IPs which is crucial for geo-specific data. Wish the API access was a bit easier to handle for non-techies like me.
I've been using these mobile proxies from for managing multiple social media accounts, pretty solid so far. Great for avoiding blocks with IPs from real carriers in top locations. However, they could be a bit faster.

Frequently asked questions

Proxies enable you to access and collect data from various markets by simulating users from different geographic regions, essential for global market research.
WebRTC is a protocol for real-time communication. Proxies can help mask your IP in WebRTC applications, preventing leaks that could expose your real location.
Rotating proxies change the IP address with each request or at regular intervals, reducing the chance of being blocked or flagged while scraping.
Proxy rotation helps in maintaining privacy by changing the IP address periodically, making it difficult for services to track or identify the user.
A subnet refers to a subdivision of an IP network. Proxies from different subnets can reduce the risk of being blocked or flagged as they appear less related to each other.
Yes, proxies can change your IP address to one from a different geographical location, allowing you to bypass regional restrictions and access content globally.
Check for uptime guarantees, read user reviews, and test the proxy to ensure it maintains privacy and offers stable connection speeds.