How to set a proxy on Edge for Windows

published 2021-08-17
by Amanda Williams

Note: For this tutorial, we used Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0 for Windows 10.
To start setting up a proxy on Microsoft Edge, open the browser and head to the Browser Menu.

Microsoft Edge browser

Scroll down through the menu until you see the Settings option and press it.

Edge browser menu

Select Advanced from the list of your browser settings.

Settings of Microsoft Edge browser

Now scroll a little bit till you find the Proxy setup. Click Open proxy settings.

Advanced Settings of Microsoft Edge browser

In your computer Proxy settings find Manual proxy setup. Proxy is usually Off by default, so you will need to turn the Use a proxy server item on.

Your computer Proxy settings

To finish the setting up of the proxy on your computer, get the credentials of the proxy from your dashboard. Here you will see 12 digits in a Host line - that is the Address. You will also find another 4 digits after the colon - that’s the Port. dashboard with all the credentials required for setting up a proxy

Now get back to your computer Proxy settings. Type or paste 12 digits of the Host from your dashboard to the Address box, and 4 last digits of the Host - to the Port box. After adding these credentials, make sure you click the Save button at the bottom of the page. Otherwise, all your settings will be lost.

Your computer Proxy settings

There is only one step left. Get back to your browser and open the website you would like to use the proxy for. You will get a Windows Security window.

Windows Security window

Now you will need Login and Password from your dashboard. Copy and paste or type Login into the User name box and Password - into the Password box.

Windows Security window

To finish configuring the proxy on Microsoft Edge browser for your computer press OK.

Windows Security window
Now you are all set up. Now you can use proxies on your computer.
Still not sure which our proxy to choose? Feel free to contact our support team.

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