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Proxy Servers for Netflix

Of all the ways to watch Netflix, using a proxy server is one of the fastest, safest, most reliable, and convenient ways.

Proxies Netflix protects your privacy and offers technical support. Most users prefer to use them to watch Netflix.

99.9% uptime

allows you to focus on your business goals

103 TB

of data processed within past 24 hours


happy customers from all over the world

Use proxies to unblock Netflix

The simplest solution to avoid Netflix restrictions is using a proxy server. Its operation principle is based on simple mediation between your device and the Netflix server to which you are connecting. In this case, all traffic doesn’t pass from you directly, but through a third-party intermediary server, which allows you to show the proxy IP address to the final recipient, thereby hiding the real address of the user.

You need to choose the correct proxy type to successfully use Netflix proxy. There are both paid and free offers on the market. As a rule, free proxies are constantly overloaded, which greatly slows down the connection speed. Therefore, it is better to use private high-speed Netflix unblocker proxies. One of the best providers is Litport.

Why you should choose Litport as your proxy service

Litport is a top-quality proxy server provider. Over the years, Litport services have earned the trust of thousands of customers around the world. Clients choose the company's offers for the following reasons:

  • All proxies in the system are completely anonymous. This ensures the safety of your online presence.
  • We offer great prices and flexible plans. Here you will find solutions for both small startups and corporations.
  • The servers are located in different countries of the world to provide the maximum 4G / LTE speed.
  • We have plans for one day. If Netflix proxies aren’t suitable for you, then you can opt-out of our services.
  • You don't need to change any settings — the IP rotation happens automatically every few minutes.
  • All proxies are completely private and not publicly available.
  • You can enjoy 4G / LTE speed of 50 Mbps.
  • We use innovative software created specifically for Liport. This ensures an excellent quality of use.
  • The infrastructure is based on the functioning of enterprise-level hardware.
Work with any software and any website
We guarantee work with any software that support HTTP/SOCKS5 proxies. In case of any issues our support will always help you to set it up.

The benefits of proxy servers for Netflix

The main advantage of using Netflix proxies is full access to the entire volume of exclusive content. In addition, you can enjoy the minimum prices for the tariffs for the services offered.

Using proxy Netflix, you will enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and reliability of the services provided. You will have mobility — you can watch Netflix wherever you are.

Our process is simple and easy.
Get your proxy in 60 seconds.

For most of our proxy packages we have automated system that will create an account and issue a new proxy for you. Typically we process your order under 60 seconds. Yes, this is that easy and fast.

Select proxy package

Make a payment

Get proxy details in your panel and email

Get a proxy Netflix unblocker in any country

You can buy Netflix proxies in different countries. We offer services in Asia, Europe, North and South America. You will always have the opportunity to watch your favorite content and have fun. Litport expands the boundaries of your possibilities.

Our most popular locations

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2,500 ASNs, 237.7m IPs
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1,957 ASNs, 12.7m IPs
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Read testimonials from our customers

These mobile proxies are alright for data scraping, stable and mostly reliable. They use real american mobile IPs which is crucial for geo-specific data. Wish the API access was a bit easier to handle for non-techies like me.
I've been using these mobile proxies from for managing multiple social media accounts, pretty solid so far. Great for avoiding blocks with IPs from real carriers in top locations. However, they could be a bit faster.
Using these mobile proxies has revolutionized my e-commerce scraping. They're super stealthy and come from real mobile carriers in major american cities, haven't been caught once, which is a game changer for my side gig.